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Introducing our new Spotlighting Users and Porsches (SUP) series. If you have any interest in being featured with a 'SUP of your own, just let me know at In fact, I will likely take silence as an active attempt to be featured! The only requirement is that there are no requirements! Want to tell the world about yourself? No problem. Want a mini article featuring you or your car, written by an award-winning* freelance automotive writer? We got you covered. Want to talk about your car, but not yourself? We get it. Want to publish a great stuffed-cabbage recipe? Well, even Carpokes has limits, unless it's a super good recipe. --Tom
And now, without further ado...

*Sure, it was a third-place award, from an obscure, curiously extant organization that does nothing but grant writing awards to equally obscure automotive writers and, sure, I won in in a category that was so narrow it's hard to believe they found two other writers to one-up me, but it's a writing award, and I won it, so I'm sticking with award-winning writer.

Meet your fellow Carpokean, Larry C!

Larry and Brenda

Larry C with his wife Brenda (for the record, Larry's on the right)

On August 4, 2021, as the warm summer sun was setting over the iconic palm trees and sandy beaches of Southern California, the city of Los Angeles was buzzing with life, energy, and hope. Larry C, on the other hand, was sitting at his computer signing-up to become the 126th user of a month-old Porsche forum no one had ever heard of -- Carpokes!

Talk about vision!

Larry initially used BzzzBom as his user-name, as a carry-over from his days with a modified (aka loud) Mini-Cooper, but after a few weeks opted to make a fresh start on Carpokes. In a courageous display of personal strength and self-determination, Larry changed his user name to something almost never seen online: his actual name! Larry quickly became a regular contributor and promoter of the site, and so was a natural to become one of its first (and few) moderators! Fortunately, Carpokes hasn't needed much moderation to date, but Larry's on the job just in case.

Larry and Amber

Larry and his Labradoodle Amber (again, fyi, Larry's on the right)

Larry was born and raised in Los Angeles, where he still lives along with his wife Brenda and his 11-year-old Labradoodle, Amber. He has two adult children of his own, along with Brenda's two children and two grandchildren. Until 2012, Larry was seriously into drugs. Legal drugs that is. He retired in 2012 after a 30-year career as a hospital-based clinical pharmacist, and it wasn't until recently that Larry finally made his way to Porsches.

Larry and his wife Brenda were recently on a trip near the Carpokes' international headquarters and took time to meet up with the Carpokes Executive Management Committee (aka, me and my wife Bridgette), proving once again that Porsche camaraderie can make new friends feel like old friends in very short order. Larry may be new to Porsche ownership, but he's had the spirit for years.

In his own words:

I first became interested in German cars when I graduated college. I bought my first BMW in 1977 and since then I've owned Audis, numerous BMW's and one Mercedes. I am fairly new to the Porsche world. I became interested when my friend bought a 1983 911 SC. I started reading everything I could get my hands on about air-cooled cars and joined several car forums. I particularly liked the 964 and the last air-cooled car, the 993. I wanted to get a 993 as a weekend driver but knew that I don't have the patience or mechanical ability to own a 25-year-old car. I started looking at new models and decided, after years of forced induction cars, I wanted a Porsche coupe with an old school naturally aspirated flat-6 engine. My options were limited to the GT3, GT4 and the 718 GTS 4.0. The GTS 4.0 checked all the boxes and I could afford to spend on many wanted options. My car is GT Silver with an extended black leather interior. It has Chalk deviated stitching, Chalk seat belts, PSM, and 18-way sports plus seats. I only have 1820 miles on the odometer as of April 7, 2022 and can't wait to hit 2,000 so I can let the car rev up to its 7800 rpm redline. --Larry C

Larry and New Car

Larry seeing his 718 4.0 for the first time (fyi, Larry's still on the right)

New Car

GT Silver Metallic over Black Leather -- a timeless classic!

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